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About Aegis Resources, Inc.

Hello, I’m Jane Sanchez, President and Founder of Aegis Resources, Inc.

Welcome to my website.  If you are here you must be looking for answers to your many questions about becoming a Medicare Beneficiary.   Whether you are enrolling due to a disability, turning 65 or retiring from your Employer Health Plan, I’m sure you have many questions.  My goal is to educate you through the process and understand the timing.  Also, help you understand all of your choices and ultimately choose the option that best fits you and your needs from the available plans.  As an Independent Broker I have many companies to choose from.  

You never pay extra to have an agent.  As your new “HR department” we walk side by side through your retirement years, keeping you up to date with current plans, offering annual reviews and answering any questions you may have along the way.  

I look forward to helping you!

Experience You Can Trust

For over 10 years, I have been working in the Medicare world and I love helping people. Together we will navigate all the choices and find the plan that best fits YOUR needs. 

I’m a native Illinois resident and have clients throughout the Chicagoland suburban area and around the country. 

I have four grown children, one lovely granddaughter, 2 little dogs and a bird!  You might be able to tell from this site, that I love the ocean, beach and being near water in general.